New Website

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the world of Highline Chamber Ensemble recently. As we approach 2014, we’re making plans for the new year and setting goals for where we want to be as an ensemble. When discussing, we realized we definitely needed a website that portrayed our energy and enthusiasm for performing. A facelift was in order!

I designed the new site with this in mind, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. The Photos section has all our pictures from previous concerts, and we also added a Video section too. We’ll be releasing a new video every week starting next year!

Our members are all involved in interesting things outside of Highline too, and this blog will highlight some of the other things that we do in-between concerts.


Highline String Quartet

One of our goals for next year includes performing gigs for weddings and corporate events. To support this effort, we launched a new website and brand, Highline String Quartet!




We recognize that not all weddings are going to want a full 14 piece chamber ensemble to play ceremony music, so the String Quartet gives us more versatility. Keep us in mind if you or a friend are getting married!

Let us know what you think of the new site in the comments below.

Ross Tesoriero
Executive Director