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Highline Show Visuals

Visuals behind violinists Geeta Nazareth and Alexis Kende during a performance of Josef Suk’s Serenade for Strings.

Part of what makes a Highline Chamber Ensemble show unique are the visuals that are displayed behind the performers during the pieces we play.  Audience members are treated to a video representation of the piece, creating a fully immersive experience.  Omid Malekan is the man behind creating these videos, and here he talks about the process behind the creation of the video for our Mad Men themed show.

The Mad Men Video

This was the first visual I worked on for the November concert. Since it was to accompany the first piece of that show, and that piece was to set a hip 1960s Mad Men theme for the rest of the evening, I decided to go with a more literal video and imitate the famous opening credits sequence of the TV show.

The Process

I like to make every new video be as much about me learning something new as creating an effective visual, so this was a perfect opportunity for me to practice animating 2D objects against each other in 3D space. The images of Nick, Bela, Marta and the Violinists  in the video are derived from actual photos of the Ensemble playing on the Highline. They were run through a Photoshop filter to create a more retro posterized look, and then had their foregrounds and backgrounds separated and set in motion against each other in After Effects to create depth and make the musicians pop out at the viewer.

This video was displayed during our performance of the Mad Men Mashup.


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