Sleep No More

It is with the utmost pleasure that we announce Highline is debuting at The Manderley – Home of Sleep No More, on Monday February 24th at 10:30pm.  For the uninitiated, Sleep No More is a “choose your own adventure” type play that takes place in the McKittrick hotel, a 6 floor warehouse in Chelsea.  The audience remain anonymous by wearing white masks, while the performers are unmasked.  Guests of the hotel are encouraged to follow actors that intrigue them, open drawers, read letters, and explore to their hearts content as part of this revolutionary emursive theater experience.    

The Manderley is a major component of the Sleep No More experience.  Guests start their evening in this 1920’s themed bar, with the staff all in character, and they are treated to some of the best live music acts NYC has to offer.  While you’re there, enjoy some Absinthe with the host, Maximillian.

Highline’s Manderley Debut

We couldn’t be more excited to perform at the Manderley, where we’ve spent many weekends on the other side of the stage.

We have a really amazing program lined up for the show.  Artistic Director Jeff Wang has been working extra hard in tandem with Highline’s Resident Composer Clint Edwards to make a setlist that highlights the our groups talented members, as well as fit within the theme of the Manderley.

Without giving too much away, we have a very special collaboration in store with Cristina Kaminis, lead singer of Carte Blanche that you will not want to miss.

Come Support Us!

The performance is on February 24th, Monday night at 10:30pm.  We know, it’s not the most convenient time for many of our fans who need to wake up early for work the following morning, but it would mean the world to us if you came out to support us.  This is our opportunity to make a great impression at the Manderley, and become a regularly performing group there.  We need your help to make it happen!

February 7th Show Postponed

We have decided to postpone the February 7th show in order to fully focus on our Manderley debut.  We will reschedule for some time in May, so stay tuned!

See more details about Highline at The Manderley.



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